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SUNCLOCKS - (Human Sundials, using YOUR OWN SHADOW to tell correct time)!
If you are looking for a really unusual sundial, which is 'interactive' as well as being theft and vandal-proof - then a "Sunclock" could be an ideal feature, and can be made by using almost any materials of your own choice. These use a person's own shadow to tell CORRECT clock time - even changing automatically without needing to be put forward/back, in Spring or Autumn. It can be set into hard or soft landscaping, and (if on grass) you can run a lawnmower right over it without any damage. As well as private gardens, parks, etc - they are very popular as a 'playground feature', for Schools.
So that you can create your own UNIQUE layout, Sunclocks provide a customized set of "Sunclock" plans (containing all measurements and instructions) - which are created for the specific Latitude and Longitude, of your own location. The plans can be supplied as a printed booklet, or by E-mail (PDF format). 'Layout Plans' cost a maximum of £25 (various discounts are also available).
For more information and photographs, go to www.sunclocks.com.

KBO & Buddhist Sangha Shop
Headers: Antique/Rare/Fine Art, Books & Publications, Candles, CD's/DVD's, Coins, Fragrance Oil & Burners, Furniture & Storage, Greeting Cards, Incense, Jewelry, Meditation Accessories, Musical Instruments, Ritual Items, Statues & Sculptures, Textiles, ThnagKa Paintings
 KBO and Sangha Budhhist Shop is small not-for-profit Buddhist Order. The online shop has an exceptional range of Buddhist related items such as incense, prayer wheels, statues, dorjes, singing bowls, jewellery and similar items. KBO & Buddhist Sangha Shop is based in Durham.


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