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If you are new to internet auctions, you might like to have a look at the DTI's Internet Auctions Fact Sheet.

Get Safe Online
, a consumer portal sponsored by the Cabinet Office and the DTI, also offers some advice on how to Use online auctions safely.

Although some traders do operate on auction websites like Ebay, many sellers are private individuals. It's worth noting that private sellers, unlike traders, do not have an obligation under the Sale of Goods Act to ensure that the goods they are selling are fit for the purpose or of satisfactory quality. They do, however, have an obligation to ensure that the goods are accurately described. So, as they say in legal circles, Caveat Emptor. (Or as the rest of us say, Let the Buyer Beware!).

You may also be interested in classified ads websites.

Business Link (managed by HM Revenue & Customs on behalf of the cross-government "Business.Gov" programme) has advice and information for businesses on E-marketplaces, online auctions and exchanges.

Auction site selling all sorts of items from computers to cars. It is a sealed big auction and bids are compared on the closing date and the highest bidders win. The big drawback is that you have to pay £5 for the first bid, £15 for the next five bids, and around £1 a bid when you make 29 bids.
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You can buy practically anything on eBay. Buying is simple; you find the item you like, register yourself with eBay (very easy procedure), and then put a bid in! If you like, you can put in a maximum bid and eBay will bid automatically on your behalf up to that maximum bid. Remember that you will be expected to pay for the delivery. If you want to sell, you have to register a credit or debit card with eBay to verify your identity. There are full instructions on eBay and you can even view their virtual tours for both buying and selling procedures. Couldn't be easier, but do read all the advice and instructions carefully before you start.

Morgan Auctions
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Established since 1997, Morgan Auctions sells a wide range of overstock, refurbished and second user computer equipment. All goods are sold without reserve - All bids start at £1. All bids exclude VAT and are legally binding.

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Buying and selling community for second hand goods in over 500 categories. You can join and place adverts completely free of charge. Free to join and private sellers can place ads for free. Business sellers get a 2 month free trial.
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QXL was one of the first online auctions, but is perhaps not quite as well known these days as ebay, although there is a fair amount of goods for sale on the site. To either buy or sell, simply register with QXL by filling in a short form. No fees are payable to QXL by the buyer, but the seller must pay commission charges, which are generally less than ebay UK. The site is very simple to use. QXL is part of QXL Ricardo plc, which has online auction sites in 9 European countries.

The Urban Shop Matix full zip hood
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The Urban Shop is a UK based company selling urban fashion clothing for males. There is a very wide range of goods on offer from dozens of top brands, such as Addict and DC Shoe. They also have a 'community' where you can listen to music, see pictures or join their forum. There is even a clothes auction.
Special Features: Urban Shop Prize Draw. Register on the site to be entered.
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