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Graham Brown takes a regular look around the UK Chess web.
Graham is a Freelance Journalist and co-author of the Batsford book Chess on the Web

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Free Chess Video Lesson

The Danish FM Allan Rasmussen, has an excellent website. He has several video lessons which make very interesting viewing.

He goes through several games and gives an interesting and educational commentary. A great way to improve your chess without having to leaf through a load of books and get the chess set out. And this guy knows what he's talking about having already achieved one GM and one IM norm.

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Chess Today Back Issue:

Our latest free edition of Chess Today the Daily Chess Newspaper, has a piece about Gary KasparovKasparov's return to chess in the Credit Suisse Blitz tournament. It also features the game Radjabov vs Anand annotated by GM Mikhail Golubev. It also has 2 quiz positions and lots more news. The cbv file also has the annotated game in it plus loads of other current games. To read and print the PDF file you need Acrobat Reader. This useful program can be downloaded for free at www.adobe.com You can download Chess Base Light free at www.chessbase.com - enabling you to open CBV and PGN files.


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Great Links and More

If you want great chess links and more then check out ... http://www.kenilworthchessclub.org/links/games.html
KenilworthYou can find a full review on our chess sites page or just go there and check it out right now for yourself! In particular I would recommend the The Kenilworthian which is a frequently updated web blog about all things chess

And if you are interested in more chess blogs then check out http://www.kenilworthchessclub.org/blogs/index.html

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Easychess: Daily Updated Chess Quiz:

Check out this Daily Prize Chess puzzle at EasyChess where the philosophy is simple "Not every chess player can achieve master strength, but all chess players can improve. With this certain knowledge, we have created a website to help you do just that."

They also have a weekly multiple choice and a monthly Test your chess.

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