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Anxious to brush up on your knowledge of countries and capitals?

The following websites feature map games, and geography quizzes. Suitable for children or adults.

Rethinking Schools - Map Game
Learn the countries of the Middle Easy in this drag and drop map game. Tthe Middle East stretches as far west as the Western Sahara in Africa, so you can brush up on your North Africa Countries as well. This is a drag-and-drop game you play by clicking the link or the map graphic. (All ages). Requires Flash. You can also print out the map when you have finished.

National Geographic - Geospy
You answer "Where is" questions by clicking on the map. You can choose the continents games, the Countries Games (you choose a continent first) or the states and provinces game which is confined to North America. The maps are a little small but the website is fairly slick.

Lizard Point - Test your Geography Knowlegde
There are several quizzes that focus on different parts of the world plus you can choose to identify countries or country capitals. You get 3 goes to locate the country/city before you have to move on to the next question and you get a score at the end.

Europe Quiz
Match up capital cities with their European country. No map but this is pretty compulsive until you have actually learned all the names!

Triviaplaza - World Geography Quizzes
The great thing about these is that you can keep on playing until you get all the answers right and get marked with an A plus! The questions are not identical each time, but reappear often enough so that you can get a perfect score if you remember the answers. Choose from world landmarks, mountains, capitals, countries, flags and the shapes of world regions.

Seterra - Learn Geography
This a freeware program you can download. It uses maps to test you on countries and capitals plus there are quizzes. A few hours with this program and you will be a geography egghead for sure! The dowload is quite small, only around 800kbs.

Map & Map Games
There are several map games from including games where you click a map and drag and drop games. There is even a map crossword puzzle.


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