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i-to-i TEFL courses
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Open to all ages and nationalities, the i-to-i online TEFL course is for native English speakers wishing to teach English abroad. Accredited by the Open and Distance Learning Quality Council, the course can be taken in your own time and at your own pace. Full course details online but if you are still not sure, you can request a brochure to be sent to you or you can download it from the website. i-to-i. UK is based in Leeds.

INTESOL International TESOL Training
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Intesol offers 2 accredited distance learning certificates. The Certificate of Educational Studies in TESOL Cert(ES)TESOL is suitable for those who have graduate status, qualified teacher status, or at least 2 'A' levels or equivalent and in which there is an optional teaching practise available. The course is approximately 150+ hours and costs £395. The Certificate in English for Specific Purposes (ESP) is suitable for those who wish to teach business English to adults. The course is a 90 hour course and costs £295. In addition there is The Teaching Practice Certificate which is a one week intensive course available in Nantwich or Bournemouth, involving observation, lesson preparation and teaching. Course cost is £195 and is available to those who have taken the Cert(ES)TESOL. Founded in 1993, INTESOL is an accredited member of the College of Teachers and an accredited member of ODLQC.

Global English: TEFL courses by distance
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Global English offer 3 TEFL courses; an Introduction to TEFL (30 hrs), the TEFL Certificate course with business (175 hrs), and the TEFL Certificate course (150 hrs). Full course details are to be found on the site. You can choose the correspondence course or the email option and prices range from £90 to £345, depending on course and study option. The courses are accredited by ISO 9000. Global English is based in Exeter.

The Open University
If you feel like doing a university degree course, then the OU offers a huge number of degree courses in all subjects. You can also enrol for non degree level short courses. Enrol online. Note, this link will take you directly to the OU's TEFL course. Current price is £795 and you need to have either a degree or be a qualified teacher with 3 years teaching experience.

Here you will find a lot of ESL tools and resources for students and teachers alike. There is a grammar glossary and references of irregular verbs, phrasal verbs and idioms, ESL forums, articles, teacher handouts and printables, and find useful links and information on English.

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