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Maplin Electronics
Headers: Blank Media, Cables, Components, Computers, Home & Office, In Car, Outdoor Leisure, Sound & vision, Tools & Service, Toys & Kits

Headers: Geological Equipment, Microscopy & Science, Clothing & Footwear, Maps & Posters, Jewellery & Gifts

Curious Minds
Headers: Astronomy, Space, Biology & Nature, Chemistry, Crystals, Desktop, Curiosities, Earth & Weather, Electronics & Radio, Games & Puzzles, Machines & Tech., Magnets & Electro, Math, Programming, Optics & Scopes, Physics in Motion, Science Books, Science Kits, Software, Unearth the Past

Red Bee
Art, Early Years, Geography & History, Literacy, New & Exclusive, Numeracy, Science

Commotion Solutions for Education
www.commotionstore.co.uk Headers: ICT, Technology, Science, Hands On Maths, Hands On RE, Hands On PSHE, Reflections On Learning

Headers: Hand Tools & Workshop Equipment, Hardware, Screws and Fixings, Inspection & Measuring, Laboratoryware, Tubing, Sheet & Rod, Electrical & Lighting, Health & Safety

Ley Rubber
Headers: Tubing, Tubing & Hose, Profiles & Cord, Stoppers & Bungs, Special Products, Polymers, Corks
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Education - Internet Resources
Reviews and ratings of quality, hand-picked, websites

Whizz Education
Headers: Online Maths Tutor for 4-12 year olds (Key Stage 1 and 2)
Many people seem to be notoriously bad at maths - some even like to boast that they don't understand it! But when we remember all those maths problems we had to do at school and how they seemaths tutormed to have no relevance to anything at all, it's hardly surprising that most of what we learn disappears into thin air the moment we leave school. Whizz Education provides one to one learning and presents maths visually and in a fun way. Each child has his or her own progress report which can be viewed from the parents section. Before you decide to commit there are several demos to watch so that you can see just how it works. Subscription is currently £27.50 per month or £269 per year (for those of you fumbling for the windows calculator that's a saving of £61 if you decide to go for the yearly option!) - not bad when you consider that a private tutor would cost very much more than this. To get the full benefit from Whizz Education your child should spend 90 minutes per week on maths exercises. The maths content of the site is provided by experienced UK educators.

A child friendly educational help site for parents and children 5-7 years old. It contains hints and tips on English and Maths, plus worksheets that you can print out and maths and English games/quizzes that your children can play online. And if you get stuck there's a nice big friendly "Ask me for help" email link.

About Earth
Want answers to all your questions about the natural Earth? Well this is a good place to start. There are dozens of articles about the Earth that are written in a non technical way so that non specialists can understand, making this website suitable for children and interested adults. About the natural Earth is one of a series of eyre.ca websites that also includes AboutHistory and AboutRelativity.

Animal Corner
Animal Corner is a place where you can get to know lots of interesting facts about different animals from all over the planet, including pets, wildlife, insects, sea life, farm animals, animals from the Galapagos Isles, jungle creatures and lots more. The website is pitched at children (around KS2 - KS3 level) and also contains quizzes, jokes, lots of images and crosswords.

Artists Helping Children
Hundreds of downloadable printouts for children to colour in plus 1000s of free arts and crafts projects

Backyard Nature
Headers: Plants, Animals, Fungi, Ecology, Geology, Gardening, Tools, Namng & Classifying
Information suitable for years 7-9 as well as background information for parents/teachers. Plus some tips and how to articles for the young gardener.

BBC Schools
Headers: Pre-school, Ages 4-11, Ages 11-16, 16+, Revision Guide, Games, Teachers, Parents tips
The BBC have provided lots of practical help and information here for students, teachers and parents on all subjects. Teachers will find downloadable worksheets and lesson ideas, students can find revision guides and there is a huge amount of information for parents from science at home to eating disorders.

Headers: UK Essays & Coursework
Coursework.info has 130,000 coursework documents, written by students, covering all subjects at GCSE, I.B., A Level and University level. Access to the documents is sold as a subscription, and subscribers get access to ALL documents.
Rates are £4.99 per month, £19.99 every 6 months, or £29.99 per year.

Education Otherwise
Headers: Legal information, About home education, Young people and Home Education, Publications, Miscellaneous trivia, Join us
Loads of (free) information here for parents who want to home educate their children, from the legal position to resources on educational matters. If you decide to join them (£20 per year) you will benefit from support, a handbook, newsletter, local get-togethers and much more.

Enchanted Learning
Huge number of articles, activites and printouts science, geography anf crafts. Material suitable for a range of ages from pre-school to Key Stage 3. If you subscribe you get to use the website ad-free.

Good Schools Guide
Best-selling parents' guide to the top UK schools. New and expanded 8th Edition has just been released and is available via book and/or online formats.

Headers: Educational resources, Revision
Brought to us by The Guardian, learnthings provides teaching and revision resources for primary and secondary schools in all subject areas. The site provides online lessons in a variety of subjects. There is also advice on such things as homework, school trips and Shakespeare! This is a paid for service and price depends on numbers of pupils.

Free online resources for teachers on waste management, timber, textiles, water and greening Britain's schools. Printable worksheets available.

Headers: Get Free Homework Help, Message to Parents, Get a Tutor, Be a Tutor, Practice Problems and Quizzes, Physics Articles, Homework Help Message Board, Scholarships and Grants, Home Learning
Having trouble with physics homework? Aimed at college and high school students, Physics 24/7 is a US site but is open to all. There is much that is free on the site, including homework help, interactive quizzes and masses of articles, but if you want a dedicatied tutor there is a small cost.

Headers: Parents stuff, Homework help, The dictionary, Links – Fun stuff, Links – World maths, Links – Revision help, The mental maths gym, The level checker, Boardshots, Useful stuff, The bookshop, Today's mathematician, Today's number, Today's quotation
Content rich school maths site full of interesting stuff. Cartoons, articles, quotes, animations. Some great maths java games to try, including the fiendish Pannerotto, a proof without words of Pythagoras by David King, books, biographies of mathematicians etc. But perhaps the most interesting thing is the weekly Boardshot direct from Mr Whitfield's lessons. Whatever next, online video links to lessons? Don't be late!

School Express
Headers: Worksheets, Activities, Software, eBooks
Huge number of free resources including online activities such as jigsaws as well as a large number of free educational computer programs for mac and pc. The worksheets cover all school topics.

Science and Plants for Schools
Headers: Publications and Resources, Practical Investigations, Courses and Kits, About SAPS, Search and Ask, Curriculum Links
The aim of SAPS is to promote the teaching of plant science and molecular biology. They have quite a lot of free teaching material available, but only for KS1 and KS2 at the moment.

Science Toys
Headers: Magnetism, Electromagnetism, Electrochemistry, Radio, Thermodynamics, Aerodynamics, Light & Optics, Biology, Mathematics, Computers & Electronics
This is a US website with instructions for making over 40 science toys with your children.

Headers: Community, Crafts, Resources, Pre-school themes, Pre-school worksheets, Preschool planning, Activities, Rhymes & songs, Special needs, Products & book reviews, Information, Links
This is a really nice site for parents with under 5s. There are lots of activity ideas and plenty of stuff you can print out for free.

SUNCLOCKS - (Human Sundials, using YOUR OWN SHADOW to tell correct time)!
If you are looking for a really unusual sundial, which is 'interactive' as well as being theft and vandal-proof - then a "Sunclock" could be an ideal feature, and can be made by using almost any materials of your own choice. These use a person's own shadow to tell CORRECT clock time - even changing automatically without needing to be put forward/back, in Spring or Autumn. It can be set into hard or soft landscaping, and (if on grass) you can run a lawnmower right over it without any damage. As well as private gardens, parks, etc - they are very popular as a 'playground feature', for Schools.
So that you can create your own UNIQUE layout, Sunclocks provide a customized set of "Sunclock" plans (containing all measurements and instructions) - which are created for the specific Latitude and Longitude, of your own location. The plans can be supplied as a printed booklet, or by E-mail (PDF format). 'Layout Plans' cost a maximum of £25 (various discounts are also available).
For more information and photographs, go to www.sunclocks.com


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