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Are you on a credit blacklist?

The simple answer is no, you're not. There is no such thing as a blacklist. Credit reference agencies only display factual information about people, most of which is provided by lenders.

They do not offer opinions about your creditworthiness (that is, whether you are likely repay credit). Companies make their lending decisions using credit scoring based on information held by credit reference agencies, additional information you may have provided, plus their own internal processes. The information credit reference agencies hold shows that most people are actually good payers and make repayments on time.

What is credit scoring?

Credit scoring is a technique used by companies to help them assess the risk involved in lending someone money - it involves building a score based upon the details provided by you on the application form and the information held on your credit report. It may be that the information you supplied on your application form meant that you did not fit the lender's 'customer profile' and that the information held by a credit reference agency did not affect the decision. Different companies take different information into account and therefore your application may be accepted by one company but declined by another.

If you are declined credit the lender should tell you the main reason for this - whether their decision was based upon a credit score, information held on your credit file or on their own specific policy. If the decision was based upon your credit report, the lender should tell you the name and address of the credit reference agency they used.

Always check your credit report

It always makes sense to obtain a copy of your credit report either before you make an application or if you are declined credit as a result of the information held by a credit reference agency. Your credit report will include all the information that any company you apply to may see and should help you to establish why your application to them was declined. It will not state the reason you have been declined because only the company you applied to will know this.

Do not make repeated applications for credit once you have been declined. Each application you make is likely to result in a search of your credit report. These searches will be registered and could affect future applications. Establish why your application was declined before making further applications.

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If you are concerned about your credit history, want to check that your credit information is correct or would like to protect yourself from identity fraud, you can get a free online credit report plus a free trial at CreditExpert. Becoming a full member gives you: access to credit specialists, unlimited access to your credit report and weekly text or email alterts to warn you of potential fraudulent activity.As a member, you can view your National Credit Score. To become a member, or take part in the free trial, you should have a UK address and a valid credit or debit card.
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UK Data Ltd
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If you are looking for information on UK companies, UK Data can provide credit scores, directors information and financial data on over 2 million UK limited companies. There are several reports to choose from ranging in price from £8 to £18. Formed in the 1990s, UK Data is an established credit reporting company.

Check my file
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Free instant access to census derived data held about your area and its residents. Their Comprehensive Report Online service costs £6.95 (£16.95 if you choose to search all three UK credit reference agencies) and provides you with the information used by most companies when judging your creditworthiness. This is based on Electoral Roll information, bankruptcy files, and the registers of county court judgments. They exercise your statutory rights on your behalf to order the file, and then analyse it independently and let you know of any problems in simple Plain English.

Callcredit Check
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Once you have registered and paid you get unlimited access to your credit report. Plus you will receive an email when your credit status changes. Check out the sample credit report on the website.
• Special Offers:See your credit score free for the first 3 months.


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