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Radio Times
Register with the Radio Times website and you can customise the listings that are display. This means you can have all your favourite channels, including cable and satellite channels, displayed for you when you log in. Plus you get radio listings as well! To log in just enter your email address. Great Service.

TV Guide
very listings website. You can customise your listings and even leave reviews and ratings of TV shows. Not all satellite channels are shown, only the most popular.

TV Listings
Not bad! Each listing is accompanied by a brief resume plus the pages are nicely laid out.You can choose between Network TV, Freeview channels and Satellite - but note that they only show listings for selected satellite anf freeview channels.

Fairly basic TV listings site and although it is easy to see whats on at a glance, you can only see 5 channels at once. You can, however, choose which to have as the 5 channels, including all the satellite channels.

Yahoo! TV
You can customise to a certain extent but there is not nearly the same choice of channels as on other TV listings sites.

With this site you can have the listings displayed for WAP, RSS, Offline. Flash Client and iPod TV.


TV Channels

Full BBC TV and radio listings plus you can book tickets for BBC shows.

Channel 4
You can only get listings for channel 4 here, but there is a lot of interesting information on a variety of subjects relating to past and current programmes.

Channel 5
Listings and articles for Channel 5, Five Life and Five US.

Scottish TV
Listings, stories and news from Scottish TV only.

Sky TV
As well as news about Sky's TV offerings, there is also a TV Guide in pretty much the same format that you get on the TV if you have Sky. You can search by genre or programme name.


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