Non Geographic Telephone Numbers
Article plus reviews and ratings of UK websites where you can buy non-geographic telephone numbers.

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TelephoneNon geographic phone numbers and how much it costs to call one

Companies (or indeed anyone) can buy non geographic phone numbers. These numbers are “pointed” at an existing landline phone number and calls to that number are routed to that telephone.

0800 & 0808 – These cost nothing to call from a BT landline. Mobile charges vary depending on the mobile phone operator. The person who has purchased the number will pay a set fee for each call. This fee depends on the provider, but is typically around 5p per minute.

0845 – Local rate numbers – calls are charged at the local rate charged by your provider.

0844 – A little more expensive to call than 0845 numbers, these are charged at 5p per minute.

0870 – Non geographic national rate numbers – typically you will be charged the national rate as set out by your service provider and this varies depending on the time of day.
However, many phone providers have different rates for geographic (eg 01 and 02 numbers) and non geographic numbers, so check with your provider on how they charge these numbers.
Companies typically will earn a small sum on incoming calls to an 0870 number. 0870 numbers can also be called from most countries unlike many other non geographic numbers.

0871 – Fixed national rate numbers. Currently it costs 10p per minute to call these numbers.

070 – Personal numbers. That can be redirected to a mobile or any UK landline and most landlines worldwide. BEWARE! Costs range from 15p to 49p per minute to call one of these numbers.

090x – Premium rate numbers. These numbers are used by companies to raise money from calls. Charges are set by the person owning the number and can range from 15p per minute to £1.50 per minute. Typical examples are technical support lines, chat lines, competition lines and the supply of ringtones and logos for mobiles. They are a good idea in that callers can be billed for a service via their phone bill, with no need for separate billing.

TelephoneIf you don’t feel like paying higher call charges to companies with 0870 numbers, visit, a website which lists many companies with 0870 numbers and their equivalent geographical numbers. You can also add a new alternative number.

Other useful websites are if you want to complain and, which is the Premium Rate Services regulator.



Where to Buy Non Geographic Phones Numbers

Planet Numbers
Headers: Busines Phone Numbers, Business Services
Planet Numbers can offer 0800 Freephone, 0845 Local Rate, 0870 National Rate, 0808 Freephone, Free 0870 numbers plus Fax to Email, Virtual Office, International Call Saver, Country Code Locator and Number Redirection Service. If you are not sure what you need, or whether you need it, you can always email or use the online live support feature. If you sign up to their newletter, you will be entered in their competition. (No prizes for guessing for what the prizes are!) Planet Number is based in Bransgore, Hampshire.




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