Obesity and Weight Loss Treatments
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National Obesity Forum
Headers: Healthcare Professionals, The Public, Campaigns, Events, News
Established by medical practictioners in 2000 to raise awareness overweight, the NOF provides advice, information and guidance for both healthcare professionals and members of the public.

Best Treatments
Find out about treatments - which ones work and which ones don't - in this comprehensive article about obesity and overweight.

Online Clinic
• www.onlineclinic.co.uk
Headers: Impotence, Obesity, Hair Loss
Regulated UK pharmacies offering next-day medication delivery. Established in 2002, Online Clinic deals with impotence, hair loss and obesity. Free online medical consultation with a GMC registered UK doctor. Treatments are 100% genuine medication from the UK.

The Online Clinic
Headers: Impotence, Weight Loss, Hair Loss, Influenza
Online UK healthcare provider. Fill in the registration form and questionnaire and a GMC registered doctor will review and get back to you, usually within the hour. The clinic is open 9.30am - 4.30pm Monday to Friday. Consultations are free and you are under no obligation to purchase medications. The Online Clinic has been audited by the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency.

Hypnotic Tracks
Headers: Hypnotherapy Downloads
Devised by Sam Weller who has been Hypnotherapist since 1989 and holds a Senior Qualification in Hypnotherapy through the General Hypnotherapy Register. He is also a member of the USA based National Guild of Hypnotists. Use Hypnotic Tracks to relax, stop smoking, lose weight and much else. Each of the tracks is £22.50 plus there is a 100% money back guarantee. Hypnotic Tracks is operated by Weller Associates which is based in Chipping Norton, near Oxford.
Special Features: Click on the picture of Sam Weller on the main page for a 6 minute video introduction to Hypnotic Tracks. Please note that the video doesn't work too well in Firefox but is fine in Internet Explorer. Mac users - sorry I have no idea!:-)
• Special Offers: A Wellerassociates stress guide will be sent free to each customer buying a hypnotictracks download. Normal retail price £9.99.

UK shops where you can buy weight loss treatments

Health Express
Headers: Hairloss, Impotence, Obesity.
Health Express offer a range of treatments for impotence, hair and weight loss, plus lots of information on each topic. As Health Express is a clinic, you need to complete a (free) consultation form before you are shown treatments that are right for you. A GMC registered doctor performs diagnoses and you will be emailed with a personalised diagnosis plus treatment options. Health Express Ltd is based in Barton-upon-Humber.

Headers: Back and Neck Care, Childrens Vitamins, Detox, Digestion, Energy, Hair & Skin, Health Check Kits, Heart & Circulation, Herbal Remedies, Immune Support, Joints & Bones, Mens Health, Nivea, Oils, Pregnancy, Sexual Health, Sleep, Sports and Fitness, Stress, Vegetarian, Vitamins & Minerals, Weight Control, Womens Health
Good range of supplements at reduced prices. Its best to search using the menu as the search engine is a little erratic - I typed in "magnesium" and got 85 results, none of which were magnesium tablets! Hundreds of (free) health notes on a wide varitety of topics, including health, vitamins, homeopathy, diet and herbal remedies. Healthmonthly is based in Jersey, which means that any product below £18 is VAT free.

Home Herbs
Headers: Ageing, Aromatherapy, Breast Enhancement, Cellulite, Depression, Hair, Immune boosting, Menopause, Sexual (Female), Sexual (Male), Supplements, Weight Loss, Books, Music
HomeHerbs is an online health food shop specialising in herbal remedies plus vitamins, minerals and aromatherapy products. Each product is accompanied by a detailed description. Search by herb or by ailment. Based in Leigh, Lancashire, Homeherbs.com is operated by HallNet Ltd and is an official European distributor of Green Bush Natural Products.
Free Delivery

Higher Nature
Headers: Vitamins & Minerals, Skin Care, Mind Mood & Sleep, Digestion, Energy & Superfoods, Detox & Cleanse, Weight & Shape, Heart & Circulation, Immune Support, Muscles Joints & Bones
Higher nature offer an excellent range of vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements for men, women and children plus a skincare range. Become a member (£9.00 per year) and enjoy discounts on products plus a free gift when you join and every time you renew. Higher Nature is based in Burwash Common, East Sussex.
Free Delivery

Your Health Food Store
Headers: Amino Acid, Antioxidants, Cosmetics, Essential Fats, Fish Oils, Herbals, Homeopathic Remedies, Jan de Vries Range, Ladies Only, Men Only, Menopause, Micro-Nutrients, Minerals, Multi Vitamins & Minerals, Natural Food and Supplements, Polyunsaturates, Protein, Slimming, Vitamins
Your Health Food Store offers an excellent range of supplements at what seem to be very reasonable prices, plus a small range of natural care skin and hair care products, with creams and gels for a variety of skin conditions including headlice! The site is well laid out and easy to navigate. Your Health Food Store is owned by Chorley Health Food Store which is in Chorley, Lancs.
Free Delivery


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