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Music Downloads
Reviews and ratings of quality, hand-picked, UK websites

Headers: Music Downloads, Video Downloads, Free Downloads
Vast catalogue with the very latest in legal music and video downloads from artists such as U2, White Stripes, James Blunt, Gorillaz, Coldplay, with special sections for Indie music and comedy tracks. High quality downloads in 192kbps and multi format MP3, ACC, WMA suitable for your iPod, Creative, PSP. The free downloads section is where you can checkout some of the latest offerings.

Headers: Downloaded MP3s
Great site if you are looking for independent music. eMusic has a library of over 1,500,000 MP3s. MP3s are free from copy protection and play on any portable music player (including the iPod), can be downloaded to unlimited computers and allow for unlimited CD burning. After that songs are just an amazing 25c each! Genres include Alternative/Punk, Blues, Classical, Country/Folk, Electronic, Inspirational, Jazz, New Age, Rock/Pop, Soundtracks/Other, Urban/Hip Hop and World/Reggae.
• Special Offers: Register with emusic and get 25 free downloads.


Napster UK
Headers:What is Napster, What Music, How, Why,
The famous music download website with literally millions songs. Quickly find your favourite music right back from the 60’s up to the present day. This is a subscription website but there is a free 7-day trial and you do have unlimited access to all of their catalogue with no hidden charges.

Yahoo! Music
Headers: Music Downloads
Subscribe and get access to over a million songs, including popular and classical tracks. Subscription packages start at around $5 per month. Note that iPods do not accept Yahoo music tracks but they do work on may other portable players, and of course your PC.
• Special Offers: 7 day free trial

Karaoke Island 3 stars
Headers: Midi files, MP3 files.
For a small fee you can download mp3 karaoke songs with a freeware PC karaoke player, Midi-files with lyrics and karaoke software. The lyrics are displayed on your PC or WinCE device. Choose from 1000s of songs. New ones added constantly.

Song Galaxy
Headers: Midi files, Audio files, Software.
Sing with the Stars! Backing Tracks ... 6000+ Audio Backing Tracks 2000+ MIDI-files.

Dance Melody
Headers: Free piano music for ballet class. MP3 downloads. Free piano sheetmusic.
Music for Ballet Class. Free ballet sheet music and MP3 downloads. Illustrated ballet dictionary. Solo Piano music. Music from famous ballets, original piano solo music for ballet.

Headers: Download, Jukebox, Music Store, Podcasting
The famous music download store, providing songs from all four major labels and hundreds of independents. When you first visit you will be prompted to download the iTunes software (by the way it's a large download - 21MB). During installation, iTunes will offer to find and import your current music collection. When the software is installed you can preview more than a million songs, watch music videos and movie trailers.



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Copyright free sample and sound collections for producers, musicians and DJs. Most most genres are represented and collections are in multiple formats and for all computer platforms. Sign up for the free newlsetter and get free sounds, product reviews, exclusive offers and product previews. Loopmasters is based in Brighton.

RealPlayer Radiopass
Online music subscription service giving you access to high quality, ad free, streaming music 24/7. Choose the music to suit your mood from classical to hip hop as well as thousands of radio stations from around the world.
Special Features: Free 14 day trial


elephantQuick Pick

Freeware Sheet Music creator: Notate, print, practice and play free MIDI sheet music. This program brings your favorite songs and musical works to life, generating dynamic scores, fake books and lead sheets from thousands of MIDI and karaoke files freely available on the World Wide Web. See the notes and lyrics light up as they are played back; the pages turn automatically. Display difficult pieces in simplified form with a single click. Instantly convert MIDI files to solo piano arrangements. - More info


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