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Mobile Phone Roaming
Take your mobile abroad and use an 0044 prepaid sim card for cheaper mobile calls. Check out their "View our Savings" page to find out how you could benefit.
Unlocking for Nokia phones is free when you buy one of their sim cards, but a charge is made for other phones. Contact them with your phone to get a quote.
About the Company
Registered Office 0044 Ltd is in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire
Free Delivery
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3-5 working days


Child Locate
Mobile Phone Tracking
If your child is late or does not arrive home and is carrying a mobile phone, you can locate your child if the phone is switched ON (All networks) and also if the phone is switched OFF (Vodafone only) by subscribing to ChildLocate. This is a unique service that enables parents to locate their children's mobile phones anywhere in the UK. Service is £69.99 per year with a maximum of 5 mobiles, on networks Vodafone, o2, T-Mobile and Orange. There is a free 30 day trial.


Mentor Mobile
Mobile Phone Messaging
Need to get motivated? Or maybe you would like some support in your life. Mentor Mobile is a mobile phone text message information service which provides daily coaching in such areas as personal growth, health, relationships and romance, spiritual well-being, family, teenagers and money. 30 days coaching will cost £9.99.
About the Company
Mentor Mobile is operated by London based company Peak Performance Psychology.


Mobile Locate
Mobile phone tracking
Web based mobile phone tracking. No hardware or new software needed, just a PC and internet access. Free 30 day trial. All networks.
Mobilelocate is a sister company of Childlocate.


Mobile photo service
The mobile service now includes a web to mobile function allowing users to send images from their accounts to their phone or to their friend's or family's phones.


The Green Phone company
Mobile Phone recycling
These days we are all a little concerned about minimising the effect of our actions on the environment. With the explosion in mobile phone use, the problem of disposing of old handsets will become acute because of the non-biodegradable and toxic nature of many mobile phone components. The Green Phone Company will buy your old mobile and, if the phone cannot be redistributed for further use, will break down he phone and send the components for reuse or recycling. If you are interested in the scheme, there are full contact details on the site.


Trace A Mobile
Mobile Tracing
Trace A Mobile is a leading mobile phone tracking service for people in the UK mainland. It costs £5 (+VAT) a month or £50 a year and includes up to 10 phones. You pay for each search you make, but the subscription includes the cost of 10 searches per month (which you can roll over if unused). The cost of additional searches varies on how many you buy, but costs range from 20p to 50p per search. The service covers all the four major networks: O2, Vodaphone, Orange and T-Mobile.


Treasure My Text
online text message saving
If you want to save your favourite text messages you can do so by taking out a monthly (£1.50 per month) or an annual (£12.99) subscription with Treasuremytext. You forward your messages at your normal standard message rate and can organise the message and add notes and contacts. No limit to the number of messages and the service is suitable for any network and any country.
About the Company
Treasuremytext is owned by Kisky Netmedia Ltd of Ducie Street, Manchester


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