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Green Phones
Headers: Mobile Phone Recycling
These days we are all a little concerned about minimising the effect of our actions on the environment. With the explosion in mobile phone use, the problem of disposing of old handsets will become acute because of the non-biodegradable and toxic nature of many mobile phone components. Green Phones will buy your old mobile and, if the phone cannot be redistributed for further use, will break down he phone and send the components for reuse or recycling. If you are interested in the scheme, there are full contact details on the site.

Headers: Mobile Phone Recycling
Seelyourmobiles will buy your old mobile phone from you. To find out how much you can get simply choose your phone and the price will be displayed immediately. Simple.
Sell your mobile, recycle old mobiles, Get cash for your old mobile phones

Headers: Mobile Phone Recycling
Give your old phone to Oxfam for recycling and the money they raise will be used to support Oxfam's work. It won't cost you anything. Simply send your old mobile in a jiffy bag to:
Oxfam Bring Bring Scheme
Freepost LON16281
You can also order recycling bags and if you have more than 10 phones, give them a ring on 0870 752 0999 to arrange a free courier collection.

Actionaid Recycling
Headers: Recycling for: Printer Cartridges, Mobiles and PDAs, Laptops
Actionaid Recycling was founded by Actionaid, the international charity committed to eradicating povery. The company is now independant but pays 10% of sales to Actionaid. To send them your old mobile click on "Request Freepost" to order a freepost bag.

Recycle 4 Charity
Headers: Recycle: Inkjets, Printer Cartridges, Old Mobiles
Fundraising for Charities and Not for Profit Groups. Your organisation will get paid for every cartridge or mobile you collect. You can have your own logo on the recycling bags if you want! They accept all Hewlett Packard, Canon and Lexmark inkjets and all old mobile phones and chargers. If you want you can simply donate your old inkjets and mobile phones to a charity, school, club or community group of your choice.


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