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ActionAid is one of the UK’s largest international Action Aiddevelopment charities, helping poor people in over 35 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. You can help in a number of ways including child sponsorship, leaving a legasy, fundraising or just giving some money! Or why not try Lottoaid. Commit to £1 per week and 75p of that goes into the fund. Every thursday, five winners are selected at random.

The National Lottery
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The official site for the National Lottery. You can use it to play online and can buy up to 8 weeks' worth of tickets at a time.
It costs £1 per play. They also have various other online games. There is an interesting free "syndicate manager tool" to download. 1 in 4 Lotto jackpots are won by syndicates and this has everything you need to administer one. Good luck!

Oz Lotteries is the only company licensed to sell Australian Lotto games on the Internet to a world-wide audience. There are currently lotteries 5 days per week. And if you are looking for an unusual gift, there is always the Oz Lotteries gift voucher ......

Peace 2000 Birthday Lottery
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Take part in a lottery with the chance to win up to £25,000 and at the same time help children in war torn countries. The Peace 2000 Institute has been awarded for its Santa aid flights to war-torn areas. There is a draw every Monday. Choose your numbers and subscribe monthly or annually. Your chosen numbers are entered into the draw automatically.

Rehab BingoRehab UK
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The Rehab Group is Ireland's largest charity
Lots providing training, employment, health and social care services to people with disabilities and those who are socially marginalised.
There are several games to choose from including:
Scratch and Win games
Instant Draw games
Video lottery games


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