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Loopy Lotto
Free to enter lottery site. Just type your email and choose your numbers and wait for the daily draw to take place. It has 3 prizes, firstly one million pounds for 6 winning numbers AND the specifically nominated BONUS ball. More achievable is the second Prize, of £10. One catch is that Second Prizes expire after two years, and if the prize has not been claimed within that period it is cancelled. And you need to have £20 in your account to claim it! So basically you need to win twice to claim as I see it. You need 4 numbers and you don't need the bonus ball. The third prize is 40 Eurmiles if you collect them. Not quite sure what they are but they only need 3 numbers. That would have won you a tenner on the National Lottery but then again it isn't free like Loopy Lotto! Have the usual privacy rules which basically means that they won't give your email away BUT will dish out advertising to you. But if you do not wish to receive 'promotional or relevant information' then you can visit 'my profile' and opt out.

Free Lotto
Completely free to play but you need to register with them - this again does not cost you anything. You will be asked for your name and address and email address plus you will occasionally be asked about your buying preferences - they have to make their money somehow!

100% free UK lottery where you can win a car, a holiday, vouchers or Kingopoints which can be redeemed for prizes. To play you need to register - this is free and you do not have to receive advertising if you don't want to.

Free European daily online lottery where you can win up to £1,000,000. Entries are limited to one play per person per day. Just fill out the registration to get started. LuckySurf is sponsored by advertising.

Completely free, and you get the chance to win £100,000 every day. You can also play bananatombola with a prize of £500 each month - enter your tombola number each day and every month they will pick the winner - or bananascratch, a scratch and win game where you can win £10, £50 or £100. The prizes are sponsored through advertising and email offers.



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