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Junk Junk phone callsPhone Calls
Fed up with junk phone calls? I know I am! Who needs someone trying to sell you double glazing on a Sunday afternoon? Well, no more. Register with, the Telephone Preference Service, to make your phone number unavailable to marketing organisations. In fact, under recent legislation it is now unlawful for such organisations to call you if you have registered. Registration is FREE. Allow 28 days for activation.

Junk Letters
Junk mailTo opt out of marketing lists register online at This is the Mailing Preference Service, a free service funded by the direct mail industry to enable consumers to have their names and addresses removed from (or added to) direct mailing lists.

Junk Faxes
Did you know that it is unlawful to send unsolicited sales and marketing faxes without prior permission?
Register your fax number online at to banish this nuisanace.

Junk Email
You can register online at the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) for the e-mail preference service. This allows you to opt out of national e-mail lists. Unfortunately this will not stop spam e-mailers who do not use the e-mail preference service to "clean their lists". For more ideas on stopping spam please see our article Getting Rid of Spam.

The Electoral Register

You may have noticed that on the electoral registration form there is a tick box that will exclude you from the Commercial Register. This register is for sale to companies who may want to contact you for marketing purposes, and is separate from the actual Electoral Register which is for voting and legal purposes. If you do not want to be contacted by a commercial organisation, make sure you tick the box next time you get an electoral registration form.


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