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Herbal & Natural Remedies

Healthy Direct
Headers: Supplements
Huge range of vitamins, minerals and herbal remedies from this health superstore, offering its own Health Direct range. Goods are dispatched from the Channel Islands which means no VAT - orders are sent in parcels with a value of less than £18. Very competitive pricing.
Free Delivery on orders>£10

Headers: Back and Neck Care, Childrens Vitamins, Detox, Digestion, Energy, Hair & Skin, Health Check Kits, Heart & Circulation, Herbal Remedies, Immune Support, Joints & Bones, Mens Health, Nivea, Oils, Pregnancy, Sexual Health, Sleep, Sports and Fitness, Stress, Vegetarian, Vitamins & Minerals, Weight Control, Womens Health
Good range of supplements at reduced prices. Its best to search using the menu as the search engine is a little erratic - I typed in "magnesium" and got 85 results, none of which were magnesium tablets! Hundreds of (free) health notes on a wide varitety of topics, including health, vitamins, homeopathy, diet and herbal remedies. Healthmonthly is based in Jersey, which means that any product below £18 is VAT free.

Higher Nature
Headers: Vitamins & Minerals, Skin Care, Mind Mood & Sleep, Digestion, Energy & Superfoods, Detox & Cleanse, Weight & Shape, Heart & Circulation, Immune Support, Muscles Joints & Bones
Higher nature offer an excellent range of vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements for men, women and children plus a skincare range. Become a member (£9.00 per year) and enjoy discounts on products plus a free gift when you join and every time you renew. Higher Nature is based in Burwash Common, East Sussex.
Free Delivery

Home Herbs
Headers: Ageing, Aromatherapy, Breast Enhancement, Cellulite, Depression, Hair, Immune boosting, Menopause, Sexual (Female), Sexual (Male), Supplements, Weight Loss, Books, Music
HomeHerbs is an online health food shop specialising in herbal remedies plus vitamins, minerals and aromatherapy products. Each product is accompanied by a detailed description. Search by herb or by ailment. Based in Leigh, Lancashire, is operated by HallNet Ltd and is an official European distributor of Green Bush Natural Products.
Free Delivery

Headers: Fat Loss, Muscle & Size, Power & Strength, Energy & Recovery, Well Being, Nutrition Plans, Research, Tools & Downloads
Sports nutrition products from the Maximuscle brand. Tools and downloads includes meal planners, calories counter, diet plans, training routines and tips plus a gym and personal trainer locator. Maximuscle curretnly has 5 sports nutritional shops in and around London and also in County Antrim. Head Office is in Watford.
Special Features: 40 day money back guarrantee if you are dissatisfied with the product

Natures Own
Headers: Vitamins & Minerals, Nutritional Support, Digestive Aids
The full range of the "Natures Own" brand of nutritional supplements. You can also get a free health appraisal plus advice on nutrition by filling in a questionnaire - just click on the Ask Dr Draper link. Founded in the late 70s, Nature's Own Ltd is based in Hanley Swan, Worcestershire.
Free Delivery on orders >£20

Your Health Food Store
Headers: Amino Acid, Antioxidants, Cosmetics, Essential Fats, Fish Oils, Herbals, Homeopathic Remedies, Jan de Vries Range, Ladies Only, Men Only, Menopause, Micro-Nutrients, Minerals, Multi Vitamins & Minerals, Natural Food and Supplements, Polyunsaturates, Protein, Slimming, Vitamins
Your Health Food Store offers an excellent range of supplements at what seem to be very reasonable prices, plus a small range of natural care skin and hair care products, with creams and gels for a variety of skin conditions including headlice! The site is well laid out and easy to navigate. Your Health Food Store is owned by Chorley Health Food Store which is in Chorley, Lancs.
Free Delivery

Express Chemist
Headers: Perfume & Aftershave, Men's Products, Diabetes Products, Family Health, Allergies, Beauty Products, Medicine Cabinet, Diet & Fitness, Sexual Wellbeing, Kitchen Appliances, Health Products, Alternative Health
Based in Brighton, Express Chemist is an international online pharmacy, supplying an extensive range of pharmaceutical products, including day to day toiletries, medicines and disability aids. 30 day returns policy. Very fast and easy to navigate website.

Garden Pharmacy
Headers: Makeup & Skin Care, Fragrance, Bath & Body, Toiletries, Healthy Living, Pharmacy, For Men
Garden Pharmacy offers most leading brands of fragrances, cosmetics and skincare, plus a wide selection of vitamins and health products, including products such as Tendskin, Nads, Carmex, hanel, Revlon, Estee Lauder and many others. They also carry miscellaneous supplies such as travel aids, electrical goods and contact lens solutions. Plus there is a variety of advice and information on health and beauty topics, from skincare to emergency contraception advice. Garden Pharmacy is based in Covent Garden, London.

Headers: Diet & Fitness, Beauty, Premium, Fragrance, Health, Baby, Toys, Mens, Travel, Photo, Electrical, Gifts
Boots online store stocks over 10,000 items, including Boots' exclusive brands plus a wide range of products that you will not find in a Boots store, from pushchairs to fitness equipment. Click on travel and not only will you find sunscreen, but luggage, beachwear and more. You can even buy your travel insurance here. Lots of advice and information on a variety of subjects. You can also sign up for a Boots advantage card and get points when you shop. Boots usually have several online offers and clearance bargains.
Free Delivery on orders >£40

B&S House of Health
Headers: Joints & Mobility, Skin Care, Nutritional Oils, Antioxidants, Diet & Fitness, Women's Health, Men's Health, Wellbeing, Vitamins & Minerals, Heart & Circulation,Health Foods, Educational, Pet Care
Large range of health supplements at competitive prices. They operate a "smart service" whereby you can have your usual supplements delivered to you automatically. Everyday answers to common heath questions dealt with the the Healthnotes section. Buy online or request a catalogue. BS House of Health is based in Thornton Heath, Surrey.
Special Features: Free personalised health report. Simply ring their free 0800 phone number for free health information, personalised health assessment report, individual diet plan and nutritional advice and support!
International Delivery Available

Bursting With Health
Headings: Reading Glasses, Sugar Free Sweets & Chocolate, Magnetic Therapy Products, Medical Joint Supports, Supplements for Slimmers, Supplements for Women, Fish Oils & Plant Oils, Supplements for Men, Mocrowavable Toys, Herbal Tinctures
Wide range of supplements plus health and beauty products. Burting with Health prepares its own range of supplements and is based in Blackpool, Lancashire.
Free Delivery on orders >£10

Discovery Health
Headers: Food Based Supplements, Minerals, Vitamins
Discovery Health manufactures its own brand of natural food based health supplements. Discovery Health Nutritional Systems is based in Middlesex.

Headers: Synergex, Antiageing, Bone Health, Children's Health, Digestive Health, Energy, Eye Health, Halal, Heart Health, Immunity, Joint Health, Memory, Men's Health, Pet Health, VetVits, Skincare, Sleep & Mood, Synergex, Vegetarian, Weight Management, Women's Health
Based in Guernsey, Healthspan offers its own range of health supplements at competitive prices. There is a freephone number for any queries you might have or to simply take your order if you do not wish to order online.
Free UK Delivery

Living is Easy
Headers: Health Matters, Gift Ideas, Products For The Home, Relaxation and Stress Relief, Body Beautiful, Travel
A range of items for healthy living, from ceramic vaporisers to SAD lightboxes to mineral and herbal supplements. In addition there is also a range of household products focussing on hygiene, healthy eating and clean air plus an unexpected selection of time and weather systems! Items can be shipped direct to recipient and a personalised message can be included for a small fee. Living is Easy is based in Swiss Cottage, London.
Free Delivery

Nature's Best
Headers: Digestives, Fish Oils, Great For Women, Healthy Heart, Herbs, Joints, Kids Products, Minerals, Multis, Other Nutrients, Skin Care, Slimmers, Vitamins, Books, Great For Men
All Nature's Best products are manufactured in the UK and approved by the UK Department of Health. Nature's Best was established in Tunbridge Wells in 1981 as a mail order retailer. Buy online or request a catalogue.
Free Delivery on orders >£15

Regenerative Nutrition
Headers: Addictions, Allergies, Anti-Aging, Anti-Inflammatory, Antioxidants, Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Auto-Immune Disorders, Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, & Cardiovascular Disorders, Blood Sugar Regulation, Cancer Support, Candida Albicans, Chelation & Circulation, Colloidal Minerals, Core Regime, Detoxification, Digestive Disorders, Energising Supplements, Enzymes, Eye Health, Fertility Food, State Minerals/Vitamins, General Supplements, Hair, Skin & Nails, Health Products, Heavy Metal Removal, Hormone Support, Immune System, Infection Fighting, Liver Support, Lung Conditions, Menopause Minerals & Trace Elements, Oxygen Therapies, Personal Care, Pregnancy, Repair Remedies, Shower Filter, Skin Care, Superfoods, Supplements & Remedies, Vitamin C Products, Vitamins, Water Filters, Weight Regulation
Founded in 1994, Regenerative Nutrition manufactures its own range of "broad spectrum" (ie food based) health supplements. Extensive information on each product. Regenerative Nutrition is based in Sark, Channel Islands - VAT free prices.
Free Delivery

Simply Supplements
Headers: Glucosamine, Detox & Cleanse, Digestive Health, Energy & Vitality, Eye Health, Fish Oils, General Health, Hair and Skin, Healthy Bones, Healthy Heart, Healthy Joints, Immune Support, Kids Health, Memory Products, Mens Health, Mood & Sleep, Pure Essential Oils, Sexual Health, SimplyActive™, SimplyBest™, SimplyPets™, SimplyValue™, Skin Creams & Gels, Slimming, Stress Relief, Vegetarian Products, Womens Health
Based in Guernsey, Simply Supplements offers its own, very wide, range of (VAT free) supplements. Each product has extensive information plus customer reviews. Very competitively priced.
Free Delivery

Vitamins Direct
Headers: Articles, Vitamins, Joint Care, Heart & Circulation, Im mune System, Feeling Good, Looking Good, Pet Health, Bookstore, Accessories
Excellent range of vitamins, minerals and supplements at very attractive prices. Quick and easy navigation. Booklets are free plus there is a very wide range of health articles on the site. The website is also speech-enabled. Vitamins Direct is based in Jersey.
Free Delivery

World Health Online
Headers: Allergies, Amino Acids, Anti-Ageing, Antioxidants, Bodycare, Bone Health, Brain Function, Coenzyme Q10, Constipation, Detox, DHEA, Diabetes Contro,l Digestive Problems, Energy, Eyes, Facial Care, General Wellbeing, Hair, Skin & Nails, Heart & Circulation, Herbs, HGH, Immune System, Insomnia & Sleep, Joints & Mobility, Liver, Melatonin, Mens Health, Omega Oils, Pregnenolone, Sexual Health, Skincare, Sports & Fitness, Stress & Depression, Vitamins & Minerals, Weight Loss, Wholefoods, Womens Health
World Health Online manufactures its own products ranges, with brands including Living Fountain, Ultralife, Yin Yang, Body Strong, Timeless, Vibrant Health and 999.
Based in Alderney means VAT free prices.
Free Delivery

Fish Oil and Attention Span kindly supplied some nutritional information regarding the link between diets rich in fish oil and improved attention spans in children.

So THAT'S why fish swim in schools .

A study into the effects of fish oil and vitamins on children found that the behaviour and attention span of pupils at a Yorkshire school improved by 35 per cent.

A study involving 24 schools across the UK was launched in July to test pupils aged six to 11.

At Crossley Hall Primary School, Bradford, teachers and parents completed a questionnaire to assess the children's behaviour before and after they were given Omega 3 Fish Oil.

The results seem to show a vast improvement in attentiveness and concentration. Children were more conscientious, better at paying attention, more alert and focused, and were listening more carefully. The findings come in a report written by Dr Amanda Kirby, founder of the Dyscovery Centre in Cardiff, and conducted with the University of Wales in Newport.

Dr Kirby said: "I am surprised by these results. They are very interesting as this is such a significant difference. "The key thing here is that these children in mainstream classes have shown such a significant improvement in attention and behaviour, which will mean they are learning better and therefore learning more, which has long-term implications."

Some nutritionists believe modern children do not get enough Omega 3 and that this causes attention problems and learning difficulties because it is vital to brain function. The body cannot manufacture Omega 3 fatty acids and so they have to be consumed.

The Government recommends we eat two portions of oily fish each week, but 68 per cent of families admit to eating no fish and it is thought that most children are lacking in Omega 3.

Fish Oil for Kids - The Omega wave

Fish oils are supposed to boost our brainpower. But do the facts really stack up? We went in search of the evidence.

Elliot is nine years old. A year ago, he was falling behind in his schoolwork, particularly reading - which he found a struggle. He had little interest in studying and would crash on the sofa to watch TV when he got home from school.

But over the past year, a dramatic change has taken place in Elliot. He has soared through the Harry Potter books and now heads to the library after the school bell has sounded.

Elliot has been taking part in a scientific study on more than 100 children from 12 Durham schools. The children were required to take a course of capsules with their meals for the duration of six months.

"His reading jumped 18 months (over the trial period). He's just a lot more interested in everything. He's even developed an interest in classical music," says Sheila, Elliot's mother.


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