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Hardly needing an introduction, Greenpeace works to protect the oceans, preserve ancient forests, is an advocate for cleaner energy plus lots more. Greenpeace also has its own research laboratories at Exeter University which it uses to provide reports to support its work around the world.

Conservation International
Headers: Conservation Regions, Conservation Strategies, Conservation Programs, Get Involved
The aim of Conservation International is to conserve the Earth's living natural heritage and biodiversity. This is achieved through a variety of projects from scitentific research to health and family planning programs in places such as Cambodia. CI is a US, nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation and works in over 40 coountries worldwide.

Countryside Council for Wales
Headers: Our work, News, Events & Meetings, Places to visit, Offices & People, Publications & Research
The Countryside Council for Wales is the wildlife conservation authority for Wales, with the responsibily for reporting to government. Their work encompasses a range of areas from earth sicence to wildlife protection to marine environments, and the site contains detailed, easily assessible and very readable, information on the work they do. The site also has advice and information, including maps, on the 67 nature reserves, 3 national trails and thousands of public footpaths throughout Wales.

Information regarding wildlife and countryside issues from Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs).


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Environment Agency
Headers: Air Quality, Conservation, Fish, Flood, Land Quality, Navigation, Recreation, Waste, Water Quality, Water Resources
If you wantto find out what the government initiatives are on a variety of environmental issues, then head forthe Environment Agency. Follow the links to find out what is happen in your region of the country.

Marine Conservation Society
Headers: Marine World, Marine Action, Support MCS, Join MCS, Shop
Established in 1977, the Marine Conservation Society is a UK national charity for the protection of the marine environment and its wildlife. In addition to campaigning, the Society funds projects such as Beachwatch which involves monitoring and cleaning beaches throughout the year - litter is potentially harmful in its impact on wildlife, marine ecosystems and human communities. You can help by getting involved in projects, joining, or you could adopt-a-turtle! The site contains lots of information on marine species, habitats and threats.

Northern Ireland Environment & Heritage Service
Headers: Natural Heritage, Environmental protection, Built heritage, Education, Places to visit, Kids zone
The aim of the Environment & Heritage Service is to promote and conserve the natural and built heritage. Therefore there is information on the biodiversity and geology of the area in addition to buildings and monuments. There are 10 country parks described with details of facilities etc plus trail maps. There are details of 12 historic monuments to visit, again with details of facilities and access. Excellent, fast loading site.

One World Wildlife
Headers: Get Involved, About, Team, Projects, News
With head offices in Bristol, One World Wildlife is a recently formed UK registered charity working to suppport ecological research, sustainable development initiatives and environmental education projects. In practise, this means working with local people to achieve an economically viable balance between conservation and the needs of the local communities. They have a large number current projects operating worldwide, from ecological monitoring of threatened UK species to the development and management of the Strandloper eco-trail in South Africa. You can help by making a donation online.

The National Trust for England, Wales & Northern Ireland
Headers: News, Places to visit, Environment & conservation, Helping, Historic properites & collections, Hiring, Holidays, Learning, Membershiip, Campaigns
Founded in 1895, The National Trust, a registered charity, now manages over 6000,000 acres of countryside, 600 miles of coastline and and more than 200 buildings and gardens of importance in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The loacations are very diverse in character, from the Conwy suspension bridge to Craigside House in Northumberland to the Downhill Estate in Londonderry. For each property there is essential visitor information such as opening times, how to get there and so on. It is also possible to hire some of the Trust's buildings for holidays and private functions. If you wish, you can join online.

The Rainforest Foundation
Headers: Support Us, About Us, News, Events, Campaigns, Projects, Publications, Photo Gallery
Founded in 1989 by Sting and Trudie Styler, The Rainforest Foundation works to support indigenous people and their efforts to protect their environment. The Foundation works by funding practical projects in tropical rainforest areas, working with local people, and by campaigning. Current projects are in Cameroon, the Congo, Gabon, Guyana, Indonesia, Madagascar, Peru and Venezuela. You can support the Foundation by volunteering, making a donation, the "Protect an Acre" scheme and by fundraising events. Details of international expeditions are also available on the site.

The Woodland Trust
Headers: Our magazine, Our woods, Campaigns, Get involved, Support us, Publications, Discovery
The Woodland Trust (President: Clive Anderson) is a conservation charity dedicated to the protection of the UK's native woodland heritage. Click on "Our Woods" to get information on over a thousand woods in England, Wales and Scotland. You can also buy woodland guides online.

Wildlife Watch
Wildlife Watch, the junior branch of The Wildlife Trusts, is an environmental action club for children. It. is probably more fun if you do join - you get a membership card, magazine, newsletter, poster, wildlife guide, take part in events and surveys and collect action badges. However, the website does have free content for children such as brain teasers, things to make and do, a wildlife diary and ways in which you can help the environment.

World Land Trust
Headers: News, About the WLT, Projects, Reviews, Education, Support Us
Based in Halesworth, Suffolk, The World Land Trust was founded in 1989 and is an international conservation charity. It operates by actually buying biologically important land that is under threat of destruction and protecting it with the help of the local population by providing jobs. At present the Trust has more than 300,000 acres of land in Central America, the Phillipines, South America and the UK. Patrons of the trust include Sir David Attenborough and David Gower. The site contains full details of all the projects the Trust is currently undertaking, including their new project, The Wild Lands Elephant Corridor in India. You can help to support the Trust by buying an acre of rainforest, becoming a member or simply donating funds.

Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust
Headers: Membership, Bird Adoption, Visit a WWT Centre, WWT Research, Threatened species, Learn with WWT, Shop
Sir Peter Scott founded The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust in 1946 and it is now the largest international wetland conservation charity in the UK. The trust works to restore habitats and run captive breeding programmes to help threatened wetland birds as well as sponsoring research into conservation. The trust owns and manages 9 visitor centres throughout the whole of the UK. Location details are on the site as well as virtual tours of 2 of the centres: The London Wetland Centre and Slimbridge. If you would like to help, you can join the Trust. Membership entitles you to free entry to all 9 of the visitor centres.

The Wildlife Trusts
Headers: About Us, UK Wildlife, Helping Us, Memberhip, Activities, Reserves, Publications, Your Local Trust, Press News, Wildlife Watch
Originally established in 1912 as The Society for the Promotion of Nature Reserves, The Wildlife Trusts is now the UK's leading conservation charity dedicated to British wildlife and the protection of the UK's natural heritage. They have 47 local Wildlife Trusts, each of which is an independent charity responsible for its own area. Together, the Trusts care for more than 2560 nature reserves which include coastline and urban locations. Click on "Activities" to find details of all the reserves, including location and access. You can become a member and receive the Natural World magazine 3 times a year, a newsletter from your local Trust, invitations to local events and an oportuinty to lend a hand. The Vice President of The Wildlife Trusts is Sir David Attenborough.




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