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If you are new to crystals and would like to find out more, this is a very good starting point for a web search.

Crystals and Crystal Healing
Reviews and ratings of quality, hand-picked, UK websites
Chakra PyramidHeaders: Aromatherapy, Books, Buddhism, CDs, Crystals, Divination/Tarot, DVDs, Greetings Cards, Incense, Jewellery, Native American, Sacred Spice
Trading online since 2000, has gained a reputation as the leading online shop for spiritually related products. Tarot cards, crystals, jewellery, aromatherapy and incense are just some of a very wide product range. Holisticshop is based in Attleborough, Norfolk.

IvyRose Energies
Headers: Aroma Dough, Candles, Crystal Jewellery, Crystals, Minerals & Gemstones, Crystal Pendants, Crystal TumbleStones, Less than £1.00, Energy Balancing, Gemstone Chip Bracelets, Incense, Incense Accessories, InnerTalk CDs, Laser Art: Fairies & Angels, MAGNETiC, Norstar Magnetic Goods, Mobile Protection Chip, Power Bracelets, Rock Salt Lamps, Silver Jewellery, More Products
IvyRose Energies has a large range of crystals, polished and unpolished, plus a small range of crystal jewellery, candles and incense. The website is crammed with information on crystals and gemstones, alternative therapies such as herbalism, crystal healing, aromatherapy and much more. The site also has extensive web links to other websites to do with this topic plus links to UK and Eire therapists - hands up those who have ever heard of a Hopi Ear Candle Practitioner! Excellent resource. IvyRose Ltd is based in Oxfordshire.

Gem Craft
Headers: Stone Gifts, Stone Polishing, Geology & Boxes/Display, Crystal Healing, Gem Stones, Jewellery, Jewellery Making
Nice, well laid out and easy to navigate website. Gem Craft is a leading supplier of ;apidiary and jewellery making tools plus a very good selection of healing crystals, ,inerals and crystals, fossils and geological supplies. Gem Craft is based in Stockport, Cheshire.

Cavern Crystals
Headers: Healing Stones, Rune Stones, Aromatherapy Oils, Tumbled Stones,Perfume Oil, Shell Jewellery, Medicine Bag, Natural Crystals, Animal Spirit, Crystal Jewellery, Special Crystals, Reiki Stones, Stress Stones, Guardian Angels, Pendulums, Perfume Bottles, Moonstone Jewellery, Chakra Jewellery, Birthstones, Celtic Jewellery, Crystal Gazing Ball, Crystal Hearts, Crystal Wands, Merlin Crystals, Meditation, Gemstone Eggs, Feng Shui, Deodorant Crystals
Based in Denby Dale, near Huddersfield, Crystal Caverns is a New Age shop with a very wide range of crystals, crystal jewellery and other related items.

Crystals and Fossils UK
Headers: Crystals, Fossils, Agates, Amethyst/Citrine, Books, Gifts, Jewellery, Well Being, Photos
Very wide range of crytals of all types plus a nice selection of fossils to choose from, with a stock that is constantly being updated and augmented. Crystals and Fossils has its headquarters in Malvern Wells, Worcestershire.
Free UK Delivery
International Delivery Available

Little Gems
Headers: Crystals, Jewellery, Flower Essences, {plished Stones, Healing Tools, HObby Equipment, Wholesale, Books, For the Home, Fossils & Neolithic Tools, T-Light Holders, Sea Shells, Jewellery Components
Based in Cromer on the Norfolk coast, Little Gems has a large stock of fossils and crystals plus equipment such as stone polishers, hammers and metal detectors.
International Delivery Available

Mani Zone
Occult Talisman Charms & Amulets
Headers: Pearls & Stones
Looking for Talismans and Charms that really work!!! Have you considered wearing one of the rarest and most beautiful magickal items naturally empowered by Natures forces? Real Pearls and Gem Stones retrieved from Mother Nature and inhabited by Nature Spirits to bring Luck and Prosperity. The website also has a large number of articles.

Tarot Cards
pinocchio playing cardsHeaders: Bags, Books, Crystal Balls, Oracle Cards, Pendels, Playing cards, Tarot cards
This is a Swedish owned company, but we have decided to include it here because they ship to the whole of Europe and the website offers a huge amount and variety of Tarot cards as well as a fabulous range of ordinary playing cards, not to mention crystal balls and oracle cards. Prices are in Euros (click here for an instant conversion).

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