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Graham Brown
Quotation MarkTHE air is fresh with the smell of sea air. The town ever so slightly running-down. Picture a seedy seaside arcade. It's the late 70s. Lets take a look inside ... flashing fruit machines, complex pinball, inaccurate rifles with barrels that curve gracefully, yes every cheap and nasty machine is here to extract your hard earned holiday money. Standing proud amongst these mechanical muggers is the Air Hockey table.
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QuoteFoosball on the net
Quotation MarkTable Football or, more correctly, Foosball (1) is currently (when this article was originally written it was!) wowing the public at the English Millenium Dome. It's a bumper version, with 44 rows of mini footballers twisled by 22 humans. The exhibit supposedly "demonstrates and encourages teambuilding" However, word has it that guests are wisely using it for a bit of cheap fun! ...
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Crazy Golf on the net
by Grahm Brown

Crazy Golf CourseMCG
Hole 4 - The
Humber Bridge


"PROPER Golf" as we know it started with a game played on the eastern coast of Scotland during the 15th century ...

Players would hit a pebble around a course consisting of sand dunes, rabbit runs and tracks using a stick. When King James IV took up the sport in 1502 it became a very popular sport and is to this day. However  it could be argued that in the UK, at least, it still  retains a slight elitist flavour.

But there is no such elitist problem with Crazy Golf! Quite the opposite! You know the game ... you see it in any good quality run down quaint English Seaside town. It consists of a number of challenges involving windmills, steep banks, infuriating slopes, even land rovers.

Webmaster Interview

I started my search for Crazy Golf on the net by typing "Crazy Golf" into Google and first up was www.miniaturegolfer.com This is a vast site with everything you need to know about the subject. Tips, reviews, photos and a good selection of books on Crazy Golf and putting in particular.

I asked the webmaster a couple of questions about the site.

Please can you tell me more about the site Tim?
Quotation MarkThis project is still very much on-going and was born of a desire to further the 'sport' in the UK, it's about a year old.  I say 'sport' as you may not be aware that there is a burgeoning scene worldwide.  I am a member of the British Minigolf Association and am currently number 1 ranked British player and British Champion.  So, it was also an attempt to give something back.  
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Can you tell me more about Crazy Golf as an organized sport?
Quotation MarkThe British Championships will take place on Sept 1 and any one wishing to take part is very welcome.  If you do well there is a chance you could represent the UK in Prague at the European Championships next year. Crazy golf is very much in tune with the origins (ed -see first paragraph) of the game, women and men compete on an equal footing, you can wear what you like and just have fun without having to worry about some silly rules of etiquette devised by a retired Colonel with nothing better to do than annoy people.
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The history section contains a link to a very funny Article by Danny Baker (The Times, Saturday May 26 2001) which throws some interesting light on the American claim on the invention of Crazy Golf.

NOTE: Unfortunately, this link is not working at the moment, we are currently trying to find the excellent Baker Article again - Ed Aug 6 2003

Quotation MarkTHE onerous modern American habit for claiming all notable achievements reached a nadir this week when it was announced that a 25-cent stamp is to be struck for Garnet Carter, 'the genius behind the invention of crazy golf'.
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This was in 1927 Baker continues and goes on to complain ...

Quotation MarkThis news will come as a tremendous revelation to all those who were playing on the 207 crazy golf courses throughout Britain in 1926."

Indeed there is evidence of a small tunnel, and even a crude windmill-like device, being placed upon a Hertfordshire putting lawn as early as 1718.
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The Article continues in a hilarious but nevertheless determined way to claim Crazy Golf back! What a great example of the Internet being a valuable recourse for research. I knew nothing about Crazy Golf 10 minutes ago and now from a few clicks I have a picture building up and a good debating point to annoy any Americans I should encounter.

Miniature GolfSouthend. - Home of the British Masters


MiniatureGolfer. also has links to some great Crazy Golf online games. This game was quite challenging and quick to load. Also this one was quick loading and very very challenging.

From what I've seen so far maybe Crazy Golf is more in tune with the origins of the game than real golf ...  and far more interesting. You can play without having to wait years for approval ... you just furnish your money and start the 18 mini challenges in a lovely sea breeze with an ice-cream awaiting you at the end of the course. 

3/8/2002 Thanks to Maplethorpe Crazy Golf site for emailing us with details of their website. Mablethorpe Crazy Golf has been established for nearly 50 years and their website has full details and photos.


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