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Business Search is a complete sales & marketing tool online operated by Thomson Directories and allows you to search a database of over 2 million UK business listings, build direct mail lists and buy data online via credit card. You can either register free and buy data as and when, or you can buy an annual membership (£200 + VAT pa) which entitles you to view all data on screen and also work with data in an on-screen campaign manager.
Note: You can only use the site if you have Internet Explorer

If you want to find a business in your area, then touch will do the searching for you. I typed plumbers and my local area into the search box and touch were able to produce quite a respectable list of plumbers near to me. If you prefer you can use their map to locate businesses in your area. If you would like to advertise your business with touch, there are free and paid for listings available.


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