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Keith's win v Pawnbrokers
An entertaining and hard fought game from our recent 2nd team win v the Pawnbrokers.

Rob's win v Cheltenham

John has played some great stuff this season but unegotistically has given us this game to show! He praises his opponents play.

Redmond - Jenkins


42nd Cotswold news Photos and results

We just beat Musketeers 3-2 Here is a great win by Rob Wilden from that match.

Wilden,Robert - Andriessen,R. [A27]
Musketeers, 05.03.2009


We also are also hosting club nights on several Thursdays when there are no matches. Ring Club Secretary John Harris 07745580341for details of how to join.


A Sizzling Sicilian
Dicks Hosken 18th Jan 2007

Find Move 16: A new annotated game from Duncan

Duncan's win v Cheltenham

15th May G Brown - R Cannell - The Clemenz in action again!
7th May 2003 New game Ponter Dicks. A nice win by Duncan.

G a m e s   D i a r y   A r c h i v e
G a m e s   D i a r y   A r ch i v e 2
Adams Simil - Pete's draw against the 2700+ World number 8.
1st team 4-1 away at St Edwards. Great win by Matt and draws by Duncan and Graham N and here find Graham and Johns wins.

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